• Enjoying The Little Moments

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Enjoying The Little Moments

Luxurious Sleep in Wool

Live Life Comfortably

The Project

We want to get others to care about the planet. Our Kosy slippers are one way of making that happen by using naturally sourced and handmade wool.

Best slippers ever!

I love them.


Im a big fan!

I have never been into slippers but these are amazing, you dont feel like wearing anything but still warm and cozy feet.


I love to be home !

I have bought my second pair of Kosy classic. Best socks ever. The style and comfort are incredible.


Daily Essentials

Everything's better when you've got cozy warm toes, the perfect soft-sole slippers for everyday around the house.⠀

Natural Lifestyle Around the House

Kosy Sheep = Reliable Comfort

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Men & Women

Kosy Light


Kosy Baby

Gift card

Looking for something for someone special during this winter. A gift card to our store is the perfect idea!


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