Meet Kosy Sheep FAN!

Meet Kosy Sheep FAN!

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself, for example, what you do, your interests and lifestyle?

I’m Eric, 38 yrs old, French, and married with 2 kids living in Paris. I work as the Head of external relations in one of French Public Office. I'm curious, so my interests tend to change quite often. At the moment, my interests are all about bike repair, baking, boxing, running and cultural outings. Lifestyle, we're concerned about what we eat, keeping healthy, staying fit and we’re very ecologically conscious. We sold our car last summer and do most of our trips by bike. We love recycling clothes, pieces of furniture and objects; we also do a bit of DIY.


How did you get to know about Kosy Sheep slipper socks, and what was it about them that made you want to buy them?

I’ve made several trips to Iceland (around 10) and got to know about that brand through one of my local friends.

What does it feel like to wear them?

They actually combine all of the advantages of wearing socks and slippers, what we call "chaussons" in French. Nobody wants to quit their shoes for another pair when they come back home at the end of the day. Besides, most "chaussons" keeps your feet warm but most of them make your feet sweaty and eventually stinky, and although regular socks are much more comfy they’re not warm enough.

But, the Kosy Sheep slipper socks are warm, smooth and help your feet breathe. You don't feel like wearing another pair of shoes at that time in the day when you wish not to wear any, so you feel you're wearing something more comfortable than regular socks. My wife and kids are also crazy about them and they wear them all the time.


4 What is it you like the best about them and would recommend to others?

I was not really into wearing "chaussons" at home but now I change into them once I get home. In fact you tend to forget you are wearing them after a while, which is what I like the best about them!