Kosy Sheep and the Icelandic Red Cross Partner up!

Kosy Sheep and the Icelandic Red Cross Partner up!

As 2017 begins, it brings with it the long awaited realisation of a fantastic new project between Kosy Sheep and the Icelandic Red Cross. They’ve teamed up to create two beautiful limited edition sock designs that have far reaching importance for orphans in Somalia. Last year a competition was run by the Icelandic Red Cross and Kosy Sheep. This was carried out to find two Icelandic wool sock designs that could be made and a percentage of the sales donated to the orphanages. The competition caused a stir on Iceland long known for its innovative crafts and ingenuity. The Kosy Sheep brand has always been keen to support a good cause and they’ve been hard at work producing the new socks designed by the two Icelandic winners; Rannveig Kristjansdottir, from Reykjavik and Svanhvit Bjorgólfsdóttir from Stodvarfjordur. Kosy Sheep feel that helping others and creating a better world should be a natural part of business. The competition winners have said how happy they are to have been chosen for this honour, and it highlights the amazing handmade items made by local knitters on Iceland.

Everyone at Kosy Sheep is very excited to be part of this project and to be working with the Icelandic Red Cross. It is important for the company to be actively doing something to impact the lives of the 700 children. The donations will go towards specific things such as providing new bedlinen or improving classrooms. The Fashion industry can make a difference and Kosy Sheep’s mission is to take part in many different projects over the years to give back to others in need. They are also a highly eco-friendly and sustainable brand. The partnership also draws attention to the Somalian children’s cause and increases awareness of the Icelandic Red Cross’s work. Pairs of limited edition socks are another perfect partnership! Join with Kosy Sheep in supporting change.

We are proud of those two amazing talented winners!

Svanhvit Bjorgólfsdóttir from Stodvarfjordur

Rannveig Kristjansdottir, from Reykjavik

Work in progress...

waiting to be felt....

and they are ready...beautiful, colerful, warm, and cosy!


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