The Second Life Program

We at Kosy Sheep try to stir things up with you.

Join our Second Life program and give a second chance to your Kosy socks: We will recycle them. The procedure is easy as pie !


Write us an email at mailto: mentioning your wish to join the program. We will forward you the shipping address to send your pair of Kosy socks back at end of life.


Once your pair of Kosy socks is received, we will email you a 25% discount code for your next Kosy Sheep order.

WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR Kosy Sheep socks?

When we receive your pair, we analyse it to better understand its lifetime. Thus we continuously improve quality of our socks. Then Kosy Sheep and our different partners will recycle your Kosy Socks into a environmentally-friendly material. Reducing the environmental impact as much as possible with your old Kosy Socks!