Kosy Home Blanket

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Experience our amazing wool Kosy blankets, our Icelandic hand-knitters create patterns with gorgeous crocheted borders and edging. Curl-up relax and let the winter cold slip gently away as if by magic. Join in the warmth with eco-friendly Kosy Blankets - The Blankets that Wrap.

  • 100% Icelandic Pure Sheep Wool
  • Extremely warm and cosy 100% pure wool blanket
  • Scandinavian Style & Quality made in Iceland
  • Composition:100% Pure Wool
  • One Size - Size: 165 x 130cm.
  • Cosy and luxurious house blanket that will bring relaxation and style to your home and keep you so warm. ideal as a gift.


Note that no blanket are exactly the same as they are 100% handmade.