The Wool Mule Moccasin Slippers - Midnight Vibes

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These Home Light Socks are made for everyday lounging and chilling at home all year around. They are hand knitted using Icelandic sheep wool. No shortcuts are taken to speed up the production process. We insist on going down the traditional route teaming up with a bunch of passionate Icelandic knitters and the best quality wool on the island. 

Superior Comfort
Natural warm & cozy
Flexible and Non-Restrictive 
Breathable, Odor Resistant and Thermo-regulating 
Travel size and Light for trips away
Sustainable production, we only use natural, biodegradable raw materials, the local premium pure wool and natural dies
Social responsible, we team up with local passionated knitters that we seek to improve their benefits and welfare. 
We are committed to Zero Impact Packaging
Made in Iceland.